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Convert VHS (PAL & NTSC), VHS-C (PAL & NTSC), Hi8 (PAL & NTSC), DIGITAL 8, 8mm, Beta (SP, Betamax, BETACAM (SP, SX, MPEG IMX, and DIGITAL) MiniDV (PAL & NTSC), to DVD.

Tapes to DVD

Convert VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, DIGITAL 8, 8mm, BETACAM, BETAMAX, and MiniDV to DVD.

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Convert your tapes

VHS and camcorder tapes are a thing of the past. Good luck trying to find a VCR to play your tapes in. VHS technology was never quite perfected, which means your tapes are deteriorating as we speak. You invested the time in capturing the memories, now take the time to make sure they last with our video transfer service.
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Below are a few of commonly asked questions about tapes.

Time on DVD?

We can fit approximately 2 hours onto DVD. We do not combine tapes unless asked.

Turnaround time?

Orders typically take 3-5 weeks. This is dependent on order size. We try to accommodate rush orders.

Do you outsource?

Absolutely not. All of our work is completed in-house by our trained staff.

Should I get DATA?

With technology constantly changing, the DATA DVD is a great option if you’re a bit tech savvy.

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