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Convert 8mm, Super8, & 16mm Film to DVD.

Film to DVD

Convert 8mm, Super8, & 16mm Film to DVD.


Film to DVD

8mm film dates back to the 1930s and Super8 began in the 1960s. In years past, film was the only way to capture video.

While not impossible, nowadays it is certainly a challenge to view old film reels with 40+ year old projection systems. It’s also extremely dangerous for your film. At Rewind Memories, we have the technology to convert these precious memories to a digital format.

All of your film is transferred in-house at our studio by our trained technicians. Our pricing includes a flicker-free transfer, frame by frame matching, brightness and color contrast correction and your personalized set of DVDs.

So…grab the family, the popcorn, and enjoy a hassle free evening viewing these treasured classics.


We have a few simple steps as you begin to prepare your film for transfer.

Determine the amount of film you have. This can be done by measuring the diameter of your film reel.

Typical film sizes are 3 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches.

3 inches will contain 50 feet, 5 inches will contain 200 feet, and 7 inches will contain 400 feet.

A few commonly asked questions are featured below. Should you have more, please call or email us.

Once you have determined this, you can add your items to the cart below or visit us in our store.

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Below are a few commonly asked questions about our film to DVD conversion service.

How much film on a DVD?

We can fit approximately 1800-2000 feet onto one DVD.

Do you do color correction?

Absolutely. Basic brightness and color contrast correction is included in the price.

Do you outsource?

Absolutely not. All of our work is completed in-house by our trained staff.

What type of DATA file do I get?

Our most popular request is for a professional grade .mp4 file format. We can accommodate other formats. You have the option of film to DVD, a data file included on a DVD or both.

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