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How It Works


1. Place your order online (or Visit Us)

We accept orders from all over the United States. To place your order online, click here.┬áIf you’d rather visit one of our retail stores, located in Pittsburgh, PA and North Huntingdon, PA skip to Steps 2 and 3. Bring in your memories and we’ll take it from there. Our retail hours can be found here. No appointment necessary.

2. Send your media

Once your order is placed, we’ll send you detailed instructions on packing and shipping your memories. Be sure to print and include your order sheet. We’ll send you tracking updates throughout the entire process.

3. Receive your order

As soon as your order is complete, you will receive email confirmation along with your tracking number. Your DVDs and originals will be returned.


Why Rewind Memories?

Our focus has always been on our customers. Listed below are just a few things that make us stand apart.

In-house; all the time

Unlike the big box retailers that ship your media off, we transfer all of your media in-house. You can call and speak to the person actually converting your memories.

Custom Conversions

From custom DVD labels to that unwanted recording when you forgot to turn the camera off, we customize your order to your needs.

Affordable Pricing

We only charge you for what we transfer. If you have a bad tape or an empty film reel; no charge.

Peace of Mind

Turning over years of priceless memories is not the easiest thing to do. We make ourselves available through the whole process for your peace of mind.

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