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Photo scanning service for paper photos, Slides & Negatives.

Photos to Digital

Photo scanning service for paper photos, Slides & Negatives.

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Digitize your collection…

You have them. We scan them. Tucked away somewhere in the far reaches of your attic, basement or closet are boxes and/or albums filled with photographs collecting dust. Faded and yellowed photos that our parents or grandparents took are testament to the deterioration of these irreplaceable and priceless memories.

Your photo collection: digitized.

Chances are pretty good that you have a collection of photos, albums or slides sitting somewhere in your home. Our goal is to assist you in saving those memories.

We scan all formats at Rewind Memories. Paper photos, album photos, 35mm slides, and negatives. To ensure quality and peace of mind for you, we scan everything in-house and by hand.

We aren’t sending your photos off to India hoping they are safe. We treat them like our own.

Our paper photos start off at 600dpi scans and slides and negatives at 1200dpi. Your photos are copied to a photo CD for your use on any computer. We can also upload them directly to your hard drive or USB flash drive.

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Below are a few commonly asked questions about our photo scanning service.

How many photos will fit on a DVD?

We can fit approximately 4800 high resolution photos on a photo DVD.

Do you do color correction?

Absolutely. Basic brightness and color contrast correction is included in the price.

Where are the photos scanned at?

All of your photo scans are completed in-house, by hand to ensure maximum quality.

What resolution do you scan at?

Our photo scans start at 600dpi, slides and negatives at 1200dpi.

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