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Our Story

Started from a dorm & now we’re here…

Our History

Rewind Memories started on a academic cruise around the world, progressed to a dorm room, and is now a thriving business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our focus has always been saving our customers’ stories. When a customer gets to watch a cherished family video they haven’t seen in decades, we know we’ve done our job. The countless tears, hugs and high fives we’ve seen in our lobby say it all.

At Rewind Memories, we are passionate about the things you’re passionate about.

Our Management Team

Katie Funaki


Megan Hedges


Our Commitment to Quality.

Since day one, we’ve been committed to completing all of our work in-house and by hand. All of your materials will remain on-site at our Squirrel Hill location and be handled with the utmost care by our experienced team. We’ve handled thousands of our customers’ precious memories and can be trusted with yours. Questions? Give us a call. Need more? Visit us in-store to learn more about our processes and meet the team.

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